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Thailand: Week Three

29th Feb 16.1 done. Scaled I got 8 rounds plus 16. So does that equal 224 reps?

2nd March

I love exercise. Today has been great! I had PT this morning and we did leg day, plus it's the first day that my hamstrings don't ache. My glutes ache from 16.1 lunges though, but wasn't worried about them, I was just not happy that my hamstrings were sore for a week! But they’re fine now. Then no time to rest (though I did slurp on half a protein shake in 5 mins!) and I went straight into the cross training class for what I think was my fav session so far! It was 200 skips, 100 sit-ups, 50 burpees, and 25 wall balls. I can't do consistent double-unders, so I did them single double single double etc etc, but was only counting the doubles (or every now and then I'd whack out so many singles just to get the numbers done), so I blatantly did more than 200 skips, but it's all good because I've never done so many single double single double etc in a row before! I seriously need to buy a heavier rope when I get home, because this one I used felt so nice! and I recon I could get consistent doubles in no time at all if I had one like that. I will deffo try find out the make before I go. Then the sit-ups, burpees and wall balls were just consistent till the end. I'd finished the skipping bit last because I was playing around with all the double unders, then managed to catch up and over take some of the others (though, it's not a race ). I finished it in 18 mins 20 secs, then started the skipping again cos the workout was for 23 mins. But this time I counted every single skip and not just the doubles! Got to 147 skips by 23 mins. Very happy with that. I've also put it in ‘My WOD’ app, so I can do the workout again later and compare! Then I was feeling so energised by the great workout I did, I did the 360 class afterwards, which was great too, but we had a LOT of wall sits, and my legs were visibly shaking, and I just couldn't go longer than 1 min (it was supposed to be a 3 min wall sit). I had a pancake for breakfast, and now I'm just relaxing until the assault class at 4pm. The usual coach isn't here, so Marie is taking it (who did cross-training), so I’m excited for that. Then I'll do Strength & Conditioning after. If I do all this then I'll have done 5 classes today! Which I think is my record (I usually only do 4). If by some miracle I have any energy left after S&C I could do Spinning, which makes it 6 classes, but I seriously doubt that I will! It's odd how some days you feel tired, and others you are raring to go. I'm sure there is a pattern to do with sleep and food etc but I can't figure it out. Though yesterday I downed a fruit shake minutes before boxing class (which I tried for the first time), and I didn't get tired after it... Though that could be down to me not doing it correctly? (probably more likely, I'm really not a punching type girl). I'm so sad that I have only got a few days left, this place, and the people, and the coaches have all been amazing. There is little temptation here to eat bad foods, and everyone is as excited about exercise as I am. It's great to be surrounded by like-minded people, all day every day. Anyway, I need to rest (sunbathe and swim), as I’ve got a lot of exercises ahead of me! xxx

3rd March

Yesterday was such a good day... until it wasn't. My 5 sessions in a day didn't exactly go to plan, more like 4 and a half. But no, it's not what you are thinking, I didn't injure myself (thankfully), and I haven't gotten sick from the food. Instead my gender decides to say 'Oh no you don't' and floors me. I'm talking about the uncomfortable subject of menstrual cramps. Just after eating lunch I started to get stomach cramps, so I lay down on my back, and hoped that it went away. At this point I didn't know what was up, it could have been anything. I went to the loo - all fine there - and I come to the conclusion that based on where the pain is (quite low) that is must be period pain as I'm due on in the next few days. So I promptly ignore it as best I can and do the assault class. As soon as I'm moving consistently the pain subsides a bit and I can ignore it (as expected). I had a great class and managed to do pistol squats for the first time on both legs (I was standing on a plate to raise my heel, but otherwise they were unassisted). I also completed the monkey bars here for the first time, by holding onto the actual metal at the edge, and not the bit they taped up in the middle (which was really slippery – like, who thought that was a good idea?!). Anyway, I went straight into the Olympic Weightlifting class after, but as the tempo decreased, the pain increased, and I had to keep stopping and waiting for the pain to subside before I could bend over and pick up the bar. It hurt. I had to stop. I made it back to my room where I thought 'surely this can't go on for much longer', but oh how I was wrong. It felt like I was being stabbed from the inside out, I had a fear that my coil had moved and perforated my womb, or that somehow I’d torn a muscle inside. I just had no clue. It would come in waves, but each time it was crippling, the sort of intense pain where it stops you in your tracks and you tense up and you have to remember to breath until it stops. I've had these pains before, but never for this long (12+ hours). Painkillers were not helping. I slept best I could, but the pain kept waking me up. Thankfully there are some fantastic people I've met here, one of which is a doctor and she looked me over and ruled out anything serious. Her suggestion for the cause is the fact that I've been pushing so hard for these past few weeks, that my testosterone levels would be higher than normal, and as I come to the end of my menstrual cycle, my other hormones are decreasing, and basically everything is a big hormonal mess and my uterus is contracting like a bitch. I had to pull out of the Big Buddha run this morning - I was looking forward to that - and I've been told to take today off to rest up, which is fine, but I've only got 2/3 days left, and naturally I want to do as much as I can. But when your body says 'no', you'd be an idiot not to listen. I just hate to admit that menstruation could be the reason to hold me back. But at the same time I should be positive that there are clues to tell me when to calm down. I've read a few articles about how women can perform well at different points in their cycle, and it's so fascinating, but there just isn't enough information out there about it. I'm curious if any of my athlete friends have experienced a similar thing when they have ramped up their training for a game or a race?

4th March

And now I am done (well nearly, I have beach workout tomorrow, but that's fun). At PT this morning, I managed 8 proper press ups unbroken (before the trip I struggled with 1). Cross training was great fun, a simple triplet 20 min AMRAP with squats, KB swings and burpees. The 360 class was knackering. S&C demolished me. My body is certainly ready to go home. I’m well and truly knackered and I certainly got value for money

5th March

Beach training this morning. It was nice to go in the sea one last time. Markets tonight, then cinema, then sleep, then leave! *sob sob*

6th March

I always say the best thing about going on holiday, is going home. I love the home but, I just don't like the going. Positive thoughts for a healthy trip back (travel-sick free).

9th March

I'm on day 4 of my rest week, and gradually everything is starting to ache. Luckily I've booked a massage for this evening, so hopefully it will help relieve my tired/tight muscles and make me feel great again ready to take on 16.3 on Fri. Unfortunately it costs ten times that of Thailand massages, but there we go.

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