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How To Survive Your First Spartan Race

Spartan race Season is upon us, and every year more and more newbies join the community. Along with the excitement of taking on your first Spartan is also fear, so I asked the most experienced racers taking on Spartans worldwide for their top tips for surviving your first Spartan Race.

Beni Gifford

US Spartan Elite Racer

Spartan NBC Champion

Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch Champion


Beni Gifford

"Wear clothes that you'll be comfortable in when they're covered in heavy mud. There's nothing worse than going through a mud pit near the beginning of the race and then being uncomfortable for the rest because your sleeveless tank is sagging down to your knees because it's so heavy with mud. Or your shorts have deep pockets which are all mud filled. It's supposed to be fun and enjoyable!"

Lindsay Webster

OCR World Champion and Tough Mudder Pro-Athlete

Current Female Number 1 OCR Athlete


Lindsay Webster

"Don't underestimate the running portion of the race. People put so much focus on being able to get through the obstacles, but the running is what will kick you in the butt! 90% of the race is running, after all."

Ryan Atkins

5 x World's Toughest Mudder winner

OCR World Champs and Spartan World Champs 2nd Male

Ultra and Mountain Runner


"Pace yourself and have fun!"

Laura Messner

US Spartan Elite racer and OCR personality


Laura Messner

"My top tip for a first time race is to just have fun! Don't rob yourself of the fun experience by constantly doubting yourself. The OCR community is truly wonderful, and more often than not they are always there to support everyone and anyone who may need it!"

Thomas Blanc Race Director for Spartan Race Sparta

Explorer and World Adventurer

Spartan Race Quality Manager: Europe, Middle East & Africa


"My first tip for new racers would be to sign up. It will help your motivation once it gets real. Secondly: You will be fine! You will finish the race, there is no real cut off, your friends, other racers, and volunteers will help you through.

A Spartan Race is not designed to make you fail but to challenge you, you will struggle and that is the goal: It makes that feeling of achievement at the finish line stronger."

Emily LeRoux

Spartan Women Global Leader


Emily LeRoux

"Get outside and run in preparation. A 10km, 7km, and 5km each week is brilliant if you can manage to fit it in. Pop a few press up and burpee sessions into each day if you can, and most of all have lots of fun getting ready for a Spartan Race, the community, camaraderie, and friendships will get you through any tough bits in the course. Just give it a go! You can always work on any weak areas before you find yourself at the start line of your second race.

I know lots of women are nervous about racing, so my advice to them would be, find a friend, train together, and then race together. Amazing things happen when women get together, you will both be stronger by race day, both as Spartans and as friends!"

Ed Gamester (of The Guild)

Swashbuckling harbinger of Ghost Squad, OCR's Party marshals


Ed Gamester

"Never underestimate the power of your own skin. It dries faster than any clothing and, as long as you can keep moving, it will often keep you warmer and more comfortable than a soggy t-shirt. Also, the Gods will view your deeds more favourably.

However, you must never underestimate the impact of the wind. Even on a warm day, the wind can suck your body heat away surprisingly quickly if you get wet. It's always worth having a quick drying layer on to break the wind on a blustery day."

Andrea Berquez

UK OCR Elite Podium Racer

2017 2nd Female UK Spartan Elite


Andrea Berquez

"Buy some trainers with decent grip; It doesn't have to be a top brand, you can pick up a pair for £30-£40 on eBay. Try out burps too, there's nothing worse than having the shock of having never done a burp, to suddenly having to do 30!"

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