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My name is Francesca, I'm 29, and from Manchester. The idea for this blog came about because I am (and I don't use this word lightly) obsessed with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and everything that surrounds it. When I first started out in racing I found I did a lot on research on different races, kit, and training, searching from forums to websites and facebook. Add to that that I am scarily honest, have an opinion on anything, and am more than happy to share it. I thought, why not get it all down online!


I ran my first race in 2013, the Yorkshire Spartan Sprint. A muddy 5km over hill and under dale, over monkey bars and under nets, up ropes and over fire. I hated every minute of it. As soon as I got home I signed up for a Spartan season pass for 2014.


I'm hoping here I can pass on some of my experiences at races that will help anyone thinking of starting, or interested in an event. I will also be posting information on kit and other such aspects of OCR.


I will also be welcoming guest bloggers, and whilst this isn't necessarily a female oriented page (well, Pink & Black are my racing colours!) a male point of view every now and again won't hurt.


One of the things I love about OCR is how accessible it is to everyone, it gives the normal person a goal to work towards, a reason to get off the sofa. Aside from being totally addictive, and great fun, in the OCR community you will find some of the kindest, most fun, and dedicated people you have ever met (if not the oddest ;) ).


Welcome to the OCR Family.



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