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Rebuilding my body, week one

I can't deny, I've been really excited about starting to work out again, and now I have the goal of Winter Nuts in March 2018, it makes it easier to focus my attentions.

But do you know what doesn't make it easier? Yep...that little baby. I've been really fortunate to have my sister visiting this week so I haven't had to rely on my boyfriend to watch the baby whilst I go out for a run, but anyone with kids will know...It's not quite that simple.

My starting point, week one body

Throw in a sleep regression, a bedtime moved forwards to 6.30pm, and a general air of grumpiness, and I've found it really difficult to stick to my commitments this week.

I've started my running training with couch to 5k, the great thing about this plan is that it's structured, and it's doable. Rather than feeling terrible that I can't run, I feel good that I'm achieving something. The first weeks plan involves running for 60 seconds, and walking for 90 seconds, eight times each, with a five minute warm up/down down walk either side.

Annoyingly I've only managed this twice, which is quite pathetic, but i've realised that it's something I have to schedule in, rather than wait for the right time to happen, so next weeks plan is to book it in the diary and make sure I have the time to get out. It's not easy when you're tired, and the little master has barely let you have 3 hours of sleep, but hey, I'm not the first person to do this and they all survived!

I am aiming to get out walking 5-7km with the baby most days, great for her and still activity for me. Even better is when I pop her in the sling and I get to train with a weighted vest!

This weeks workout from Tom Nash sounds basic, but let me tell you, my heart was racing and I was sweaty at the end! It's incredible how much strength and fitness I have lost. It's hard to look at something basic and be satisfied, or to think it will make a difference, but I know it will, and I have to keep plodding on, and build up slowly and surely.

This weeks workout is:

20 Air Squats

10 Alternating Lunges (10 each leg)

20 Alternating Step-Ups (use the second step on the stairs)

3 Sets with 60 seconds rest in between. 3 times a week.

Sound simple right? yep! simple, quick and easy, but if you're where I am right now, it'll give a good little workout, so give it a go.

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