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The Final Winter Tough Guy, the 30 year anniversary.

Mr Mouse

Let Us Remember: Let us remember the way it began; by a nutty old mouse in Wolverhampton.

Let us remember what we all signed up for: the birth place of races, the rawest of raw.

Let us remember what we all knew; that the mouse is a nut job and so are his crew.

Let us remember that we turned up in force: 6000 people onto a 15k course.

Let us remember that we all knew the plan; drawn in the sand by a bloody mad man.

Let us remember that it is their race: while mudders are great this is the birthplace.

Let us remember that we all signed the form: we each agreed to take part in the storm.

Let us remember what it was all about: a challenge, a push and a muddy day out.

Let us remember the fun that we had; when someone had to die for a race to be bad.

Let us remember the mud and the wet; and the yummies and gummies, oh lest we forget.

Let us remember the reason we ran; to prove to ourselves, not others we can.

Let us remember that we’re not all the same; what some find hard, others find tame.

Let us remember the past 30 years: this mouse is our father and to that I say cheers.

Let us remember that he tried really hard: he turned his house, his home and his yard, Into a playground for us all to roam; he gave OCR it’s very first home.

Let us remember we were a part: of the end of the legend that is our sport’s heart.

Let’s say thanks to the police, for helping us park; and those who pulled us out when the day had turned dark.

Let’s say thanks to the marshals for helping us round; when we were too cold to make any sort of sound.

Let’s say thanks to the ghost squad, his motley old crew who stayed by his side as the legend grew.

But most of all let us give thanks to the fact that we could: and that that nutty old mouse didn’t just say “we should”.

The Ghost Squad

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