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Thailand: Week Two

22nd Feb

Today I feel great! I went to bed at about 9.30pm and slept through till 6.30am. I got up for PT at 7am where we did upper body push pull work. It was good: dead lifts; chest press; super set with rows and press ups again; lat pull downs; and finished with negative pull ups. I somehow managed to tweak something in my right shoulder doing the negatives which is annoying, (I really don't have a good track record with this exercise, doh!). It doesn't hurt, I just can’t look fully over my right shoulder, but nothing new there. I had a protein shake (chocolate, banana, peanut butter, yum) and then did the Cross Training session, which was awesome. 60 burpees (I kind of cheated, she said we didn't have to go chest to floor, so I didn't) 35 press-ups, 60 box jumps, 35 press ups, 60 walking lunges with 5kg plate, 35 press ups, 1 lap of farmers walk with 2x 12kg Kettle bell. For the first time doing a work out I didn't feel wiped out half way through, and I came third! (not that it’s a race). I decided not to do the 360 class afterwards and had breakfast instead (I want to save my energy for the Assault class later).

I had pancakes this morning. It comes with a glass of milk, a pot of peanut butter, a banana and a pot of powder.... I was a bit confused by this, but it turned out to be protein powder! I thought protein pancakes would have the protein powder in the batter, but I guess not in Thailand! So I just spread it on top and it actually worked! Plus the bananas here taste really nice. I took a walk down to Unit 27 CrossFit to ask about when they would be doing The Open workouts, and I met a nice lady there (cannot remember her name) and they are gonna be doing them on Fri at 3.30pm (and Monday too). She asked if I was gonna do the Crossfit class they had on then, but I said no (then felt guilty!), so I might drop in a class on Wed to meet a few of them. I've been thinking the past couple of days that my shoulders were looking more defined than usual, but I put it down to wishful thinking, until my PT just came out with it this morning! Woop! Shoulder muscles FTW.

23rd Feb

What goes up must come down right? Tired tired tired! (I'm sure I'm fine, I just haven't left my room yet). I had such a good day yesterday, I pushed hard, it felt good. I can feel soreness creeping back in! I did the Assault class yesterday and did have fun, but you (well, I) can't work out like that all the time, it's full on. He only shouts at you if you stop moving, so I just didn't stop moving (easier said than done right, exactly!). I went straight into Strength & Cond. class after where it's 'Deadlift week'. That was a good session. I feel glad that I've done CrossFit for the past 2 years, because I feel like I have a head start when we do these lifts, as not many people have done them before. I'm really struggling to wake up early to go for a run, I've only managed it once so far... I’m a bit worried that my strength and fitness is getting better, but I’m not focussing on running at all, so will that suffer? Or will it get better because my fitness is improving? Hmmm. I've also decided that I want to start BMF unlimited again, and start doing actual BMF sessions and not just BMF running club, because it's a completely different style of fitness that you get to CrossFit, and if I don't, then I feel like all the hard work I've put in to this holiday will be lost unless I continue to do something similar.

I dunno what I was worried about, I had LOADS of energy this morning. I did both 360 and Cross Training sessions Oooush.

24th Feb

I have never sweated so much in my life as I did yesterday. All my clothes were sodden by the end of the day. I did 4 classes in the end. The two morning classes, then break for lunch and chill out, and back to Strength & Cond. (S&C) followed by Zumba. In S&C carrying on with 'Deadlift Week' we did ‘suit-case deadlifts’ starting with kettle bells, picking up one side only but making sure to keep the body dead square on straight, and then walked across the hall. I was amazed at how much I was using my core to stabilise/even out my body as I walked. It felt good. Then moved on to using a bar-bell and light weights, doing 5 on each side every 2 mins. It was fun! We ended with a bit of conditioning (squats, press-ups, mountain climbers, burpees and sprint). I was DONE! I started to walk away from the session, but I got called back and talking into do the Zumba class, which was actually ridiculous (me, not the class), I was so tired that I had trouble picking my legs up and moving them quick enough. So if anyone ever says Zumba is not a work out, it actually is because I had no energy left and I struggled! I followed the class with a delicious plate of pasta pesto though. Yum, it was good. This morning I woke up for a PT session where we did leg day. A variety of things which I can't even remember now, but we ended with a sumo squat hold: 1 min on, rest, 45 secs on, rest, 30 secs on, rest, 15 secs on. And wow, that was hard! I think I yelped after the 45 seconds one, legs wobbling. I was just glad it got shorter each time. Breakfast time, and then I could feel that I was flagging for energy today (mid-week), so I didn't do the morning classes, instead I saved my energy to head up the road to CrossFit Phuket Unit 27, and do their WOD with them. Man it was tough. Also, just my luck the strength bit was deadlifts! So I went a bit lighter than I could, but seeing as their plates were in pounds and not kg, I actually have no idea how heavy it was! Also, the workout was tough. Between two 6 min AMRAPS, was a 4 min EMOM with 16 wall balls. Just looking at that I know I would struggle to get 16 wall balls within a minute (I hate wall balls with a passion), and so I literally I think I got to 14 once, but otherwise I got to 10 and had to just rest a bit. Doh! Still it was nice to train with them before The Open. I think I'm gonna wait until Mon to do the workout, because by Friday I'm gonna be wrecked from the week of training, but Mon I'd have had a day’s rest and will hopefully feel great again to whack out whatever 16.1 has in store for me ) I’m gonna do the Olympic Weightlifting class this afternoon (focussing on technique and nothing heavy), so hopefully I can recuperate a bit for the rest of the weeks activities. Also my PT said she saw some definition in my legs coming through too! Which I hadn't noticed

25th Feb

In Olympic Weightlifting we did the front squat. I've not done that since July last year, so it was fun. I got up to 50kg as well (only 1 rep, but still cool). Then I was meant to chill out after but there were spaces in the spin class so I did that too! Probably shouldn't have because I was meant to be resting, but I ended up doing 4 sessions yesterday! I had a yummy green shake for after. This morning I did the 360 class, but I can tell I'm tired, so I’m gonna take it easy today and only do Strength & Cond. later on. I need to re-coup a bit. I’m gonna have a massage later too, I think I've pulled a muscle in my right quad.

I've started finishing off everyone's food. Loads of people don't like watermelon for some weird reason, so every meal I get at least an extra portion!

26th Feb

I had a good massage yesterday and it made me feel better, but today my back is annoying me, boo. I was feeling very sluggish yesterday and I was tempted to take the evening off, but I pushed through and went to Strength & Cond. anyway and I’m glad I did because it was a great class. Straight leg deadlifts. Though with all the deadlifts this week my ham strings are sore! I’m not looking forward to sumo-deadlifts today! I Did Zumba as well afterwards and had slightly more energy than Tues. Today I had more energy which was nice, so had PT this morning (push-pull) followed by Cross-training and body 360. I was done by the end! I watched the Open workout live this morning (8am for us in Thailand) and it looks good. I’m glad it has jumping pull ups for scaled! I just hope that my quad feels a bit better by Monday for the lunges. (I’m doing the workout on Mon After I've had a rest day).

Beach tomorrow and there is talk of Bowling ) My lunch just arrived and its spicy! Boo!

28th Feb

I've been here for two weeks (feels like longer, but also it doesn't). I've smashed it for those two weeks, but can I keep it going for my last week? I'd like to, but my mind gremlins are making an appearance and saying that I couldn't possibly keep going at this rate. Despite the fact that I'm eating well and having loads of sleep. But I'm sore and tired more often than not. Hopefully my 1.5 rest days will sort me out and I'll feel ready on Mon to take on 16.1. It's only three weeks, but I've never pushed this hard for this long before (doing 3 or 4 sessions every day except rest day). The Roller derby bootcamps I used to attend were a maximum of 4 days and Sunfit was 6 days, so I've already doubled what I know I can do. It's at that point where if I don't train sensibly, I could get injured, so I’ve gotta listen to my body (which is what I do anyway), it's just I'm in unchartered territory. One more week, and then it's back to reality (boo), and cold weather (boo), but seeing James (yeay) and the cat (yeay). Plus, I'm excited to get home and try my new workout schedule. (I've given myself a goal to be a red bib in the top BMF class by the summer, and who knows a green bib by the end of the year #wishfulthinking Onwards. Tonight though, I shop (night markets )

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